'WJSN' - Eight members group from now

'WJSN' will carry on as a eight-member group from now on, according to a korean media report Friday.


The names of the eight members are 'Bona', 'Dayoung', 'Seola', 'Exy', 'Eunseo', 'Soobin', 'Yeoreum' and 'Yeonjung'.


The group started with 12 members in 2016 putting out first EP “Would You Like?”. But only eight members renewed their contracts with agency 'Starship Entertainment' this year. The agency confirmed the news following the report.


'Luda' and 'Dawon' decided not to do so after careful considerations, added the company.


Contracts with three Chinese members, 'Xuanyi', 'Chengxiao' and 'Meiqi', who were part of the group ‘WJSN’ under 'Yuehua Entertainment', expired.

They have suspended activities in Korea since the second half of 2018 and have been active in China.


'Dawon' wrote on her SNS thanking fans and staff, and 'Exy' added her comment expressing her love for the former bandmates.