Instructor 'Jin'(BTS) & trainee 'Seung-yoon'(Winner)

Recently enlisted member of the boy group 'Winner', 'Kang Seungyoon', met 'BTS' member 'Jin' as a training instructor at the military training camp.


On the 26th, 'Jin' (BTS) shared a photo taken with 'Kang Seungyoon'  (Winner) through a fan community platform. The photo shows 'Kang Seungyoon'  (Winner) wearing a beret and 'Jin' (BTS) wearing a cap with a corporal mark, standing side by side.


Along with the photo,  'Jin' (BTS) conveyed his greetings, saying, "Congratulations to 'Seungyoon' (Winner) on completing the training.

It was enjoyable for six weeks. You've worked hard during your trainee life and I look forward to getting along well in the other unit".


He explained, "I wanted to take a commemorative photo together, hoping that 'ARMY' (BTS fan club) and 'Inner Circle' (Winner fan club) would like it".


 'Jin' (BTS) also humorously commented on Kang Seungyoon's basic training, saying, "Our battalion commander and platoon sergeant were very good people, so you had a great six weeks. No special treatment though".


Last December, 'Jin' (BTS) became the first BTS member to enlist in the military. After completing basic military training at the training center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, he was selected as a training instructor and is currently serving.


'Kang Seungyoon' (Winner) enlisted on the 20th of last month and will continue his active duty in the Army after completing basic military training.