Jungkook's “Seven” added 4 more remixes

'Jungkook' (BTS) released four different rearranged versions of his solo single "Seven" last Friday.


The "Island" mix brings a resort atmosphere with its Afro-pop rhythms, allowing you to feel a sense of freedom.

The "Nightfall" mix combines romantic sunset vibes using string lines and pizzicato (plucking strings with fingers) to create a unique charm.


The "Festival" mix captures the intense atmosphere of a festival after sunset, expressed through powerful EDM sounds and funky emotions.


The "Lofi" mix is based on a jazz-hip-hop fusion genre, evoking the deep ambiance of a jazz bar in the early hours of the morning.


“Seven” was unveiled July 14 and hit Spotify’s daily top songs global chart at No. 1, a first for a K-pop solo musician, maintaining the spot for six days. And he amassed 100 million streams on the platform in those six days.


Meanwhile, the artist appeared on BBC Radio 1’s “Live Lounge” on Thursday in the UK, where he sang the song. And he also performed live for BBC talk show “The One Show” in London on Friday.

‘Jung Kook’ - “Seven” in the ‘Live Lounge’

‘Jung Kook’ - “Seven” Live on ‘The One Show’ BBC

‘Jung Kook’ - “Seven” - Island Mix

‘Jung Kook’ - “Seven” - Nightfall Mix

‘Jung Kook’ - “Seven” - Festival Mix

‘Jung Kook’ - “Seven” - Lofi Mix