"Saturday" returned after a 2 1/2-year hiatus

K-pop girl group 'Saturday' returned with a new single album “Find Summer” after a hiatus of two and a half years.


The group’s sixth single album “Find Summer” comprised of two tracks, the title track “Stay” and side track “Love Dream”.


Saturday’s new title track “Stay” topped iTunes’ Daily Top 100 chart in Chile and made its debut on the same chart of 4 other regions including Norway, Germany and Canada.


'Minseo' and 'Yuki' took part in writing the lyrics to the sidetrack “Love Dream” for the first time since their debut.


“We took part in writing the lyrics to this song because we wanted to give back all the love and the support we received from our fans during our time of difficulty. It expresses the feelings and emotions that we faced during the long break,” said ‘Minseo’.


Saturday debuted in July 2018 with its first single album “Mmook Jji Bba” as a septet under the agency 'SD Entertainment'.

Currently, the group consists of 4 members: 'Juyeon', 'Yuki', 'Ayeon', and 'Minseo'.


They walked down a thorny path with a continuous change of members for personal issues and its agency suffering from financial difficulties.


The group eventually had to join a new agency 'Yoonso Group' as a group of four to continue their journey as K-pop idols.


“We have longed for a comeback so much that it feels like a dream to be on stage again. We put in everything we can in this album because we took a long time getting back on stage. We hope our new album can be loved by many around the world”, said 'Yuki'.