'ITZY' - "Kill My Doubt”

Girl group 'ITZY' will release new album "Kill My Doubt" on July 31, in eight months after "Cheshire" (2022).


The new album have six tracks with lead track "Cake", accompanied by others titled "Bet On Me", "None of My Business", "Bratty", "Psychic Lover" and "Kill Shot".


Three of the songs, "Bet on Me", "Cake" and "None of My Business" will have their own music videos, said agency 'JYP Entertainment'.


'Park Jin-young', founder and chief producer of 'JYP Entertainment', also took part in writing the lyrics of "Bet on Me".


Its sixth and previous EP "Cheshire" sold over a million copies.


Last April, the first world tour 'Checkmate', which ended with 20 performances in 16 regions around the world, was successfully completed.