'Koyote' - “Wish” (25th debut anniversary)

The veteran dance music trio, 'Koyote', celebrated their 25th debut anniversary by releasing a new digital single titled "Wish".


'Koyote' is a Korean mixed vocal group consisting of members 'Kim Jong-min' (43), 'Shin Ji' (41) and 'Bbaek Ga' (42). The group debuted in 1998 with hit song "Genuine".


'Koyote' has released numerous hit songs such as "Sad Dream", "Sadness" and "Disco King", since their debut in 1998.


They expressed that the key to their long-lasting success was being a soft breeze rather than a storm in the entertainment industry.


"Every year, when we make a comeback, we feel relieved. It's an honor to occasionally share new music with our fans and the public," they said.


"Every time we make a comeback, we want to do something new that we haven't done before, so we put a lot of effort into choosing the new song. But at the same time, we also want to maintain our musical style", 'Baekga' added.


"It's been 25 years since we started as 'Koyote' and our fans are also growing older with us. The 25th debut anniversary means a lot to us because we were able to stay in the entertainment industry for such a long time thanks to the support and love from the public", they said.


"When it's our 40th debut anniversary, we'll be turning 60 but we still want to continue making music until then. To achieve that", they said.


'Shinji' said, "We will continue to think about what kind of music we want to do in the future. We want to expand our range to the younger generation while carrying on our own style."


'Koyote' is preparing for their upcoming concert in the United States next month, followed by a nationwide tour.


'KOYOTE' - "PASSION" (performance in the heavy snow - 2001)