‘Wei’ - 'Love Pt.3: Eternally' (6th mini album)

WEi's new summer song will be released as the 6th mini album 'Love Pt.3: Eternally' on June 29th. Leading the EP, "Overdrive" is a dance track with upbeat and pleasant guitar sounds.


Through the lyrics, WEi's six members deliver a message of consolation that it is okay to wander in your minds.


"We chose this bright song as our lead single because we wanted to give solace to people".


'Love Pt.3: Eternally' includes 'Be Alright (chillin)', 'Thriller', 'All Day With You' and 'End of the Day'.

Among them, "End of The Day" is a tune written by 'Lim Hyun-sik' of boy group 'BTOB'.


"It is a track for our fans", 'Seokhwa' explained. "We want to show our appreciation with this tune."


'Daehyun' added, "We are quite confident about our new mini-album, so it will be great if our new mini album can capture the hearts of a lot of people. We also want to continue growing musically".

'WEi' is a Korean boy band formed by 'Oui Entertainment'. The group consists of six members: 'Daehyeon', 'Donghan', 'Yongha', 'Yohan', 'Seokhwa' and 'Junseo'.

The group made their debut on October 5, 2020 with "Identity: First Sight".