'Trendz' - “Blue Set Chapter: New Dayz”

K-pop boy band 'Trendz' released their second single album, “Blue Set Chapter: New Dayz”.


“We are now in the second year of our career as 'Trendz'.

Last year was a blessing for us because we could do a lot of performances and appearances. But we have this mindset that, just like the title track of this album, 'New Dayz', "we will start anew" said 'Havit' of 'Trendz'.


"We personally think that we will grow a lot as artists through this new album".


“Blue Set Chapter: New Dayz” comprises three tracks led by the titular “New Dayz”, alongside “Nightmare” and “Fantasy”.


'Trendz' is a Korean boy band formed by 'Interpark Music Plus'. The group currently consists of seven members: 'Havit', 'Leon', 'Yoonwoo', 'Hankook', 'ra.L', 'Eunil', and 'Yechan'.


The group made their official debut on January 5, 2022, with their first EP titled "Blue Set Chapter 1. Tracks".