'Treasure' - "Reboot"

Boy group 'Treasure' will return a full group comeback on July 28 with the band's second studio album, "Reboot".


The album will mark the full group's comeback of the 10-member boy band in nearly 10 months since their second EP, "The Second Chapter: Chapter Two" in October.


This album is Treasure's first album after members 'Bang Yedam' and 'Mashiho' withdrew last November.

'Mashiho' focuses on restoring health, while 'Bang Yedam' pursues a career in production.


Last month, Treasure's first sub-unit group, 'T5', debuted with digital single "Move". 'T5' consists of members 'Yoon Jae-hyuk', 'Junkyu', 'Jihoon', 'Doyoung' and 'So Jung-hwan'.


'YG' announced the band has signed a partnership with 'Columbia Records' for the launch of "Reboot" in the US. The 'Sony Music Entertainment' subsidiary will assist with the stateside distribution and promotions of Treasure's new album.