'Solar' and 'Moonbyul' ('MAMAMOO+) - "Act 1, Scene 1"

'Solar' and 'Moonbyul' from 'MAMAMOO' were preparing to make their debut as a sub-unit.


'Solar' and 'Moonbyul' will make their debut as a unit name, 'MAMAMOO+'.


He will return with his first single album "Act 1, Scene 1" on March 29.


The mini album contains the title track “GGBB”, “Chico Malo” and “LLL”.


Prior to the album's release, the single "Chico malo" was released on March 21.


"Chico malo" shows the strong energy of 'MAMAMOO+' that combines traditional Korean and Latin music.


"Chico malo" is a song that dynamically expresses feelings of longing for a lost love. 'Solar' and 'Moon Byul' participated in the composition and writing.