'New Jeans' prereleased "Super Shy" & "NewJeans"

K-pop girl group 'New Jeans' prereleased two music videos today, along with "Super Shy" and "NewJeans".


The two songs "Super Shy" and "NewJeans" will be included in the second EP 'Get Up'.


Girl group 'NewJeans' will return on July 21 with their second EP “Get Up”.


The second EP contains a total of 6 songs including "Super Shy", "ETA", "Cool with You", "New Jeans", "Get Up" and "ASAP".


“Super Shy”, “ETA” and “Cool with You” will be triple title tracks, according to 'ADOR'.


All six songs will have a music video, according to 'ADOR' and In particular, the songs “New Jeans” and "Super Shy" prereleased today.


And the music video of “New Jeans” collaborated with the popular cartoon series "The Powerpuff Girls".


'NewJeans' partnered with 'Warner Bros. Discovery's Cartoon Network'.