'Mirae' - "Boys will be boys" (5th EP)

K-pop boy group 'Mirae' has released their 5th EP "Boys will be boys" with their long-awaited comeback following a 10-month break.


Their latest album will feature a collection of refreshing summer tracks that capture the youthful energy of 'Mirae' and its seven band members.


The title track "JUMP!" combines elements of pop and alternative rock.


The new album will also feature a variety of storytelling tracks. "GIRL" is about the turbulent emotions that boys go through as they grow up and "So Different" depicts the story of a boy who falls in love for the first time.


"NOW & FOREVER" is Mirae's personal letter to their fans and "Learn to Fly" expresses their determination to find love and realize their dreams.


The album includes a total of six tracks each with a different and interesting story to tell.


Seven-member boy band 'Mirae' debuted in 2021 under 'DSP Media' with its first EP, “Killa”. The band consists of six Korean members: 'Lee Jun-hyuk', 'Yoo Dou-hyun', 'Khael', 'Son Dong-pyo', 'Park Si-young', 'Jang Yu-bin' and one Japanese member, 'Lien'.