‘Lisa’, contract renewal with 'YG' still unclear

According to a local media report on Wednesday, there is a possibility that 'Lisa', a member of the K-pop group 'Blackpink', may not renew her contract with 'YG Entertainment', which is set to expire next month.


The report suggests that the two parties have been unable to reach an agreement regarding the contract renewal. An anonymous Chinese agency provided information to the media, stating that 'YG Entertainment' informed them that they cannot schedule any activities for 'Lisa' from August onwards, citing the uncertainty surrounding the contract.


In response to the report, 'YG Entertainment' clarified that the decision was not related to the contract itself. They stated that it was due to the group's tour and Lisa's individual activities. 'YG Entertainment' asserted that the issue was separate from the contract negotiation.


While Lisa's contract renewal remains uncertain, the other members of 'Blackpink' are reportedly still in discussions with the label and are more likely to renew their contracts.


In a separate development, certain international media outlets have claimed that 'Lisa' is dating 'Frederic Arnault', the CEO of luxury watch brand 'Tag Heuer' and son of 'Bernard Arnault', the CEO of 'LVMH'. These reports emerged after 'Lisa' was spotted with 'Frederic Arnault' at a restaurant in Paris, where the group is scheduled to hold a concert on Saturday.