'Kiss of Life' - "KISS OF LIFE" (Debut Album)

The girl group 'Kiss of Life' debuted today and its members already prepare for the global stage.


'Kiss of Life' held a showcase for their debut EP, titled "Kiss of Life" on Wednesday at the Yes24 Hall in Seoul. The quartet includes Thai member 'Natty' Korean member 'Haneul' and two Korean-Americans, 'Julie' and 'Belle.'


The EP contains six tracks, including the lead track "Shhh", "Neverland" and four solo tracks by each member.

As a rookie group, they uncommonly prepared four solo songs per member, “Sugarcoat” by 'Natty', “Countdown” by 'Belle', “Kitty Cat” by 'Julie' and “Play Love Games” by 'Haneul'. All four members participated in writing the lyrics and producing the album.


"I believe our biggest distinguishing factor is that each of us has the ability to perform as a solo artist and our synergy amplifies when we come together as a group", explained 'Julie'.


'Natty' previously appeared on JYP Entertainment's girl group audition program "Sixteen" (2015) and Mnet's 2017 audition program, "Idol School". She also made her solo debut in 2020 with the single "Nineteen", receiving positive reception both in and outside of Korea, including her home country, Thailand.


'Belle' began her career as a music producer in 2021. She is well known as the daughter of 'Shim Sin' a popular korean male singer from the 80s and 90s.


“To all our global fans, today we made our debut, it’s something that I thought of it for so long. I hope you guys are ready for us! Keep it tuned!”, said 'Julie' in English.