'Kep1er' will return with “Lovestruck!”

'Kep1er' will return with a new album on April 10, announced the girl group's agency 'Wake One Entertainment'. 

The group's fourth EP "Lovestruck!" will be released on April 10.


Kep1er's fourth album includes a total of five songs, which are the title track "Giddy", as well as "LVLY", "Back to the City", "Why", and "Happy Ending".


It is also scheduled to release its second Japanese-language single "Fly-by" on March 15 and begin a Japanese concert tour in May.


The girl group’s last album was its third EP “Troubleshooter” with the lead track “We Fresh,” released in October 2022.


'Kep1er' debuted in January 2022 with its first EP, “First Impact,” featuring the lead track “Wa Da Da”.


The EP sold more than 200,000 copies in the first week of its release, a record for debut albums by girl groups.


The group was formed in October 2021 through cable network Mnet’s multinational idol audition show “Girls Planet 999”.

The group consists of nine members: 'Yujin', 'Chaehyun', 'Dayeon', 'Youngeun' and 'Yeseo' who are Korean, 'Xiaoting' who is Chinese, 'Mashiro' and 'Hikaru' who are Japanese and 'Huening Bahiyyih' who is Korean-American.