'Jimin' pre-releases "Set Me Free Pt.2"

BTS 'Jimin' pre-released his track “Set Me Free Pt.2” from his upcoming first solo album Friday. 


The pre-release single is the first song unveiled from the album, "Face".


“Set Me Free Pt.2" is a hip-hop track that expresses pain, sadness, emptiness and other inner emotions to move forward freely.


"Face" tells the story as he confronted himself to embark on a new journey as a solo musician.

It depicts the various emotions that the artist experienced in the past few years during the global pandemic.


“Face" will be an album which talks about the story of 'Jimin' who fully faces himself and prepares for a new beginning as the artist.


'Jimin' will release his first solo album “Face” on March 24.

He will be the fourth member of the boy band to release a solo album, following 'J-Hope', 'Jin' and 'RM'.

"Set Me Free Pt. 2" topped iTunes charts in 110 countries Saturday, agency 'BigHit Music' said.