'J-Hope' says his enlistment date has been set

'J-Hope' (BTS) revealed that his enlistment day for his military service has been set, but he did not say the exact date.


“I’m here to say thank you and to tell you that I have completed most of my official schedules prior to elistment” said 'J-Hope'.

“I’m planning to take a bit of rest and take care of my health before entering”.


“It’s not like I can go whenever I want but the date of the enlistment has been set and I think it’s about time I start preparing for it”, he said.


“I thought I should complete my military service as soon as possible and return to the fans and show you a more mature self”.


“I am always watching and feeling the reaction of the fans toward my music and I do want to say thank you”, said 'J-Hope'.


Early this month, J-Hope dropped a new single called “On the street” to send out a message to his fans before setting off to the military.


'J-Hope' will be the second member of BTS to enlist after Jin began his service in December last year.