'Infinite' will make a comeback after five-year

'Infinite' is a Korean boy band formed in 2010 by 'Woollim Entertainment' and debuted in 2010 as a seven-member band.


Breaking a five-year hiatus, the boy group Infinite will make a comeback on July 31 and hold their first concert in seven years, titled "Comeback Again".


Two teaser images were uploaded Friday on the boy band's social media account announcing the news of "Coming Soon" and "Upcoming Concert".


Starting with KSPO DOME in Seoul on August 19 and 20, The boy group will perform in Yokohama on August 27, Taipei on September 2, and Macau on September 9.


The boy group 'Infinite' is composed of six members: 'Sungkyu', 'Dongwoo', 'Woohyun', 'Sungyeol', 'L' and 'Sungjong'. Originally a seven-piece group, Member 'Hoya' left the band in 2017 after his exclusive contract expired.


'Infinite' is known for its hit tracks "Be Mine" (2011), "Man In Love" (2013), "Bad" (2015) and "The Eye" (2016). The boy band's last release was its digital single "Clock" released in 2019.


The six remaining members left 'Woolim Entertainment' in 2022 following the expiration of their exclusive contracts with the agency.


"Infinite Company" is a newly established agency dedicated just to managing the group activities of the six 'Infinite' members who have signed contracts with different agencies after the expiration of their exclusive contract with 'Woollim Entertainment'.


'Infinite' Company is a self-owned agency by the members themselves.

'Kim Sung-kyu' as the president, supported by the other five members: 'Jang Dong-woo', 'Lee Sung-jong', 'Lee Sung-yeol', 'L' and 'Nam Woo-hyun'.


'Infinite Company' also received the naming rights to the band's name 'Infinite' from its former agency, 'Woollim Entertainment'.

The founder and president of 'Woolim Entertainment' had transferred the rights unconditionally, without any cost, to celebrate Kim Sung-kyu's birthday in April.