'g.o.d' hold 25th anniversary concert in Sep.

Band 'g.o.d' was one of the biggest boy bands in the early 2000s and became one of the most popular boy bands of the early 2000s in Korea.


Boy band 'g.o.d' will hold a concert in September in celebration of its 25th anniversary of debut.


The concert will hold collaboration with TV broadcaster KBS.

Details of date and venue have not been decided yet.


'g.o.d' ('Groove Over Dose' known by the acronym) is a Korean boy band formed by 'SidusHQ'.


Consisting of five members: 'Park Joon-hyung', 'Yoon Kye-sang', 'Danny Ahn', 'Son Ho-young' and 'Kim Tae-woo'. 

They currently are also individually active as entertainers, solo singers and actors.


The band debuted in 1999 with its first album, "Chapter 1" and was beloved by fans with hits such as "To Mother", "Love and Remember" and "Sorrow" in 1999, "One Candle" and "Lies" in 2000 and "Road" in 2001.