'Fifty Fifty' cancels the music video for the movie "Barbie"

Fifty Fifty's agency announced the cancellation of the music video production for their new song "Barbie Dreams", the soundtrack for the movie "Barbie".


An official from 'ATTRAKT' confirmed to a news media, "It is true that ‘Fifty Fifty’ did not film the new OST music video for the movie Barbie”.


'Fifty Fifty' has been on a break since May as member 'Aran' continues to recover from surgery.

Despite this, when 'ATTRAKT' announced in late May that 'Fifty Fifty' would release a track from the movie "Barbie Dreams", fans eagerly anticipated the group's return.


It all began with a conflict between ‘ATTRAKT’ and one of the production contractors who was accused of attempting to poach ‘Fifty Fifty’ members on behalf of a competing record label.


‘Fifty Fifty’ members has filed for a provisional injunction to terminate exclusive contracts with the agency.