'Dojaejung' (NCT) - “Perfume" (first unit album)

NCT 'Dojaejung' began promoting its upcoming album.


'NCT' is launching a new unit with three of its members 'Doyoung', 'Jaehyun' and 'Jungwoo'.


The trio will make their debut as unit name, 'Dojaejung'


'Dojaejung' will release their first mini album “Perfume" on April 17, according to SM Entertainment.


The mini album carries a total of six tracks led by the titular track “Perfume” and five side tracks of diverse genres.

( "Kiss", "Dive", "Strawberry Sunday", "Can We Go Back"  and "Ordinary" )


Members of 'Dojaejung' are renowned for their outstanding vocal and performance talents as well as for their attractive appearance.


They plan to show a completely different side of themselves as artists with different styles of music and performance, according to SM Entertainment.


Their unit debut was made after receiving a lot of requests from fans for a unit debut.