'Craxy' - "Good Bye Zero"

Girl group 'Craxy' will release new music on March 23, announced its agency 'SAI Entertainment'.


The teaser “Good Bye Zero" released on the group's YouTube channel summed up Craxy’s fictional universe, reviewing its four previous music releases.


The agency said, “Good Bye Zero” will be an attempt to go back to its roots and reorganize everything.


Craxy’s worldview, fictional universe - ‘ZERO’ has come to an end with upcoming "Good Bye Zero".


'Craxy' is a 5-member girl group that officially debuted on March 6, 2020.


Comprised of 'WooAh', 'Swan', 'ChaeY', 'HyeJin' and 'KaRin', 'Craxy' debuted with its first EP “My Universe".


The team name, 'CRAXY' is a combination of 'CRACK' + 'SEXY', which means "breaking prejudice".