'Cravity' - “Master: Piece” (fifth mini album)

On the 6th of March, K-pop boy band 'Cravity' is also releasing its fifth mini album, “Master : Piece”.


The album consists of lead single “Groovy” alongside the five side tracks "Fly", “Get Lifted”, “Baddie”, “A to Z” and “Light the Way”.


The lead single is in a 2000s retro pop and hip-hop style that represents Cravity’s identity.

Two members of the group, 'Serim' and 'Allen', wrote lyrics on the track.


'Cravity' is a Korean boy band formed by 'Starship Entertainment'.

The group is composed of nine members: 'Serim', 'Allen', 'Jungmo', 'Woobin', 'Wonjin', 'Minhee', 'Hyeongjun', 'Taeyoung', and 'Seongmin'.


They debuted on April 14, 2020, with their extended play Season 1.

"Hideout-Remember Who We Are".