'Cherry Bullet' - “Cherry Dash” (third mini album)

'Cherry Bullet' is a Korean girl group formed by 'FNC Entertainment'. The group is made up of seven members: 'Haeyoon', 'Yuju', 'Bora', 'Jiwon', 'Remi', 'Chaerin' and 'May'.

It originally consisted of ten members but three of them, 'Mirae', 'Kokoro' and 'Linlin', left the group suddenly in 2019.


'Cherry Bullet' is a word that combines the contrasting images of 'Cherry and Bullet', with a lovely charm like a cherry and a energetic charm like a bullet.


They debuted on January 21, 2019 with the single album "Let's Play Cherry Bullet" and in 2021 they released their first EP album "Cherry Rush", The latest work to date is an EP released on March 2, 2022, entitled "Cherry Wish".


On March 7, 'Cherry Bullet' returns with a third mini album, “Cherry Dash” one year after their last album.


The energetic K-pop girl group will show a confident side in “P.O.W!” talking about his strong ambitions to become the center of the world.

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