‘ADOR’ holds auditions for new boy band members

Entertainment agency 'ADOR' is launching a global boy band audition to discover the "real Hype Boys". The agency 'ADOR' for girl group 'New Jeans' announced that it will hold the 2023 ADOR Global Audition "The Real Hype Boys" to recruit rookie boy group members.


Online audition applications will be accepted from Tuesday, April 1, to April 13, and anyone born between 2004 and 2012 can apply.


The agency explained, "Applicants can show all their talents, including singing and dancing".


Off-line auditions will be held for successful candidates and they will take place in 12 cities in Korea and seven countries around the world, including Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


For more information, please visit ADOR's audition site, "ADOR World".


‘ADOR’ is a newly established label under 'HYBE'. Girl group 'New Jeans', which debuted in 2022, is currently the only artist under the agency.