4 members of 'Loona' join ‘Modhaus’

Four members of disbanded girl group 'Loona' signed with a new agency on Friday.


'Heejin', 'Kim Lip', 'Jinsoul' and 'Choerry' have joined agency 'Modhaus', the management company said.


Previously, 'Heejin', 'Kim Lip', 'Jinsoul' and 'Choerry' won their former agency Blockberry Creative's application for injunction to suspend the exclusive contract.


'Haseul', 'Yeojin', 'Yves', 'Olivia Hye', and 'Gowon', who lost and remained with the agency 'Blockberry Creativein' January.


Nine members of the 12-piece group have been begun in a lawsuit against the agency surrounding their contracts after 'Chuu' was expelled from the group.


'Modhaus' is the agency of the girl group 'Triple S'.