"Red Devils" : Cheering Culture in Korea - "FIFA World Cup"


It's the World Cup season again.

"Red Devils"(Korean - "Bulgeun Agma") is the official supporting group for the Korea Republic national football team.

The club was established as the "Great Hankuk Supporters Club" in December, 1995.

The name was selected in 1997 as the official name of the organization.

Membership is open to those who wish to support the Korea Republic national football team, but anyone who wears red and supports the national team during games is considered a 'Red Devil'.

Many activities and gatherings are organized through the official homepage. Although the headquarters are situated in Seoul, there are many club centers throughout the country where one can attend. the 'Red Devils' showed that they were model citizens by keeping things clean at the stadiums and streets.

The main activity for the 'Red Devils' is supporting the national football team. The cheering of the Red Devils is noted for being highly organized and extremely passionate.

Cheering is done in stadiums, theaters and also many public plazas and squares in front of jumbo screens. On homeground, the Red Devils usually sit behind the goal at the northside of the stadium.

Supporters wear red, like the national football team players.

In 2022 World Cup football game, we expect good results from 'the Korean national football team' with the support of 'the Red Devils'.